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Footgolf enjoys encouraging start in Preston

Players are encouraged to wear golfing attire in keeping with the rules of most courses.

Hybrid sport footgolf has enjoyed an encouraging first couple of weeks in Preston since it’s first round was played at Ingol Golf Club earlier this month.

Footgolf combines the key aspects of football and golf, with participants challenged to a kick a football into a hole in as few shots as possible.

The Director of Preston footgolf, Danny Garratt, is now hoping to build on the club’s early success and has aspirations of connecting with the local community and participating in a footgolf league.

“The beauty of footgolf is that literally anyone can play it,” he said.

“Anyone can play from quite a young age, probably from nine or ten-years-old all the way up to retirement because you can just take it at your own pace.”

Visitors can play a nine-hole round of footgolf which is estimated to last for an hour and 20 minutes or an 18-hole course at double the length of time.

The course is open for play from 2pm on Saturday and Sunday as well as from 1pm on Wednesday. Over 50 people took part across the first weekend of March 4/5 just a few weeks ago.

The activity has already attracted groups including fathers and sons, children’s parties and stag dos.

“It’s a mix of people which is what we want,” added Mr Garratt. “That’s what is good about the sport – it’s a bit quirky, a bit different and isn’t for any one type of person.

“We started now so that the word could at least be getting out there for the summer when the weather is better.”

On the thought process which led to Preston footgolf’s foundation, Mr Garratt, 26, explained: “I’d played it elsewhere and it kind of just came to me from nowhere.

“We didn’t have one that was a bit closer that was actually on a proper golf course and I quite like running my own stuff.”

Before Preston footgolf came to fruition, the nearest course was in Euxton, Chorley.

There is also a bar on site and the club is expecting new showers and changing rooms to be fitted by next month.

Adults can play a nine-hole round for £9, students for £7 and children for £5. A 12-hole round costs an extra £3 for all age groups.

Mr Garratt added: “In Preston, we’re close to all the big cities and we’ve got a few things to do ourselves.

“But it’s good to have something different, something outdoors which involves moving around and getting off your phone, with a bit of physical activity and exercise as well as having a good laugh.

“I definitely think it’s a good addition to the city.”

There is also the potential for a league structure to be put in place with other footgolf clubs.

Mr Garratt said: “We would have someone who lives locally and who wants to play in the league.

“They would be signed to our course and appointed as captain for this team, based here, and then they would get a team together and essentially use Ingol Golf Club as a home venue.”


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